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Are you happy with your Property Management?

Good property management should leave you feeling safe, secure and happy.

If your investment property is causing you headaches instead, call the team at More Real Estate.

We promise to give you more when it comes to looking after your valuable asset.

So, How do you know who you should rent your property to?

After investing in a rental property, you want to be sure that those renting will cherish your investment you have worked so hard to buy, right?

By creating a list of qualities to look for in a tenant, you can avoid costly evictions, non-payments, and potential damage to your property.

So we’ve created a list for you, these are 6 things you should enquire about when fishing for a good tenant to make sure you catch the right one for you. You can have much more peace mind when you use these tools... email me the rentals booklet

Call us on 6231 9006 for peace of mind when it comes to property management.

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