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About us

More Real Estate About us

While we could use this page to talk about us...we actually want you to know, it's actually ALL about you!

More Real Estate was created to serve you, to bring you More care, More attention, More respect, More awareness  of what you need in your real estate experience.

We want to give you More reasons to trust, have More connection in the sales process, have More value in how we can help you and so much more. 

This is our commitment to you.


Our Purpose

To give a more valuable experience in buying or selling your dream home


Our Mission

To bring more transparency, more connection and more value than our clients expect when venturing into the property market, particularly in the digital space.


Our Values

We listen, and understand your needs, we connect with you 

We bring more to our clients, we promise more, not deliver less

We believe experience counts 

We offer strong digital strategies to maximise your outcomes in buying and selling

We walk the talk, live and breathe excellence and deliver with integrity

We build people up, empowering through knowledge and education

We believe in aligning our values in every part of how we work with you

We offer the latest innovations in the digital marketplace to sell your property 

We go the extra mile, create more opportunities build more into everything we do