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Market Buy - how to buy with online offer system

Market Buy - how to buy with online offer system


Wouldn't it be so much fairer if you had just as much opportunity to put your best offer forward as every other buyer? No more of that "First and best offer" method, where you have no idea if your offer will be enough. With Market Buy, you'll know whether your offer is leading the pack or lagging behind. You'll get an equal and fair chance to put your best offer forward and secure your dream home and you'll be kept in the loop at every step of the process!

More Real Estate has an exclusive online offer system that adds a much-needed layer of transparency to the process:

  • Only pre-qualified people legitimately interested in a property will be given a secure login
  • Once you login, you can see a history of genuine offers and place your own if and when you are ready and happy to do so
  • It's completely anonymous to the other potential buyers (but the agent and the seller know who everyone is)
  • Importantly, your seller is immediately alerted by text or email and their own login every time an offer is made – so things can move quickly and succinctly to a successful outcome!


And you can do this easily in real-time with notifications to your phone, no matter where you are or what you're doing, with absolutely no pressure from the agent!

Let's hope your dream home is being sold with the help of MORE Real Estate.