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Command the Spotlight: Master the Open Home with Craig Bellgrove & Leanne Masters

A successful open house is a symphony, a perfectly executed ballet of anticipation, presentation, and negotiation. As homeowners in the enchanting landscapes of Tasmania, we're privileged to have maestros of this ballet in our midst - none other than Craig Bellgrove and Leanne Masters of More Real Estate. With their guidance, you can turn your open house into an event that buyers can't resist.

1.      Amplify the Curb Appeal
 First impressions aren't made at the front door - they're made at the curb. Craig and Leanne know that the moment a potential buyer sees your home, the selling process begins. With their expertise, your property will be dressed to impress with well-manicured lawns, attractive landscaping, and a freshly painted front door that beckons buyers inside.

2.      Paint a Lifestyle Picture
Beyond just presenting a well-kept property, an open house is about selling a dream. Leanne and Craig are masters of this subtle art, ensuring every room in your house tells a captivating story. They'll help you depersonalize, declutter, and stage each room to present a dream lifestyle that will captivate your potential buyers.

3.      Accentuate the Positives
Every property has its unique selling points. It could be the stunning ocean view from your lounge or the wood-fired pizza oven in your backyard. Craig and Leanne are adept at identifying these gems and making sure they shine in the spotlight, casting an irresistible spell on your potential buyers.

4.      Create a Sensory Experience
An open house isn’t just a visual event - it’s a sensory one. Craig and Leanne advise homeowners to create an inviting ambience using soft background music, strategic lighting, and inviting scents. Imagine the allure of fresh flowers and the warm, inviting aroma of freshly baked cookies wafting through your home!

5.      Be Open House Ready
The unexpected should always be expected. Potential buyers could drop in anytime. With Craig and Leanne's advice, your home will be open-house-ready at a moment's notice - spick and span, well-lit, and welcoming.

Preparing for an open house may feel like preparing for a grand performance. But with Craig, Leanne and More Real Estate leading the show, you'll hit all the right notes and leave potential buyers applauding. Trust them to transform your home into the belle of the real estate ball, drawing in buyers and achieving a stellar sale. Your open house deserves nothing less.