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Furry Friends Welcome: Creating a Tail-Wagging Experience in Your Rental Property

Owning a pet adds immeasurable joy to life, and it's a trend we've seen on the rise. As pet ownership becomes more common, the demand for pet-friendly rental properties is soaring. Some states have adjusted tenancy rules to accommodate this growing trend. Whether your property is currently vacant, and you're considering making it pet-friendly, or your tenants have expressed interest in having a pet, there are important factors to consider to ensure a harmonious living experience for all. Let's dive into the details.

Flooring and Finishes:

Planning for pets is best done when your property is vacant or undergoing renovations. Regardless of your renovation stage, opt for pet-friendly materials. Consider hard flooring like tiles, laminate, or timber in high-traffic areas or those connected to outdoor spaces. These surfaces are not only easy to clean and stain-resistant but also withstand wear and tear admirably.

For properties with carpeting, ensure your tenants are aware of their responsibilities upon vacating. Most jurisdictions require a specific carpet clean for pet-related odors or fur. If a tenant wishes to install a pet door, explore cost-sharing options or suggest renter-friendly alternatives.

Outdoor Areas:

More space for a pet to roam enhances the living experience. Designate a specific area with grass or synthetic turf to concentrate any mess. For tenants in apartments, discuss toilet training plans for their furry friends.

Damage Control:

Every tenant knows they are responsible for any pet-related damage. Regular inspections by your property manager are crucial to promptly address maintenance and repair requests stemming from pet-related issues.

Know the Rules:

We understand the tenancy laws in our jurisdiction very well. Regulations regarding pets vary, and it's essential to be well informed, and to that end, we collect pet rental agreements also, to ensure we have the necessary details, if pets are allowed in your property. More Real estate stays well informed of any changes as they are made and can advise you immediately if they affect you property.

Creating a pet-friendly property not only attracts a broader tenant market but also contributes to long-term property appeal. Proactive changes to minimize wear and tear and simplify cleaning are savvy moves for the sustained condition of your property. If you have questions about your rights concerning pets, consult with our property managers to address any concerns proactively. Angela and Janine can assist with any questions you may have.


Remember, this article offers general insights and is not financial or legal advice. For personalized decisions, consult your professional financial and legal advisors.