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Thinking of selling your own home?

So you want to sell your home...

In this digital age, it is tempting to think it easy to sell your own home. We often hear people say...' A mate did it easily' or ' I can do it online myself and save a fortune'

As the old saying goes, "Its better to buy quality than pay twice for a cheap product'

It certainly depends on where you place value.

Many people believe that when they sign up to a no agent style website, that they are actually doing it themselves. And they are...SORT OF!

You may pay less for the option to do a lot yourself, however, you may not realise have still actually signed up to an agency!

Did you know, you actually are in a binding exclusive contractual arrangement with the online agency?

Did you know, you are paying fees anyway, just under the guise of a package you sign up for?

And when you actually get some interest, do you know how to negotiate and set up the contract and other details so you don't undersell or expose your interests somehow?

Generally speaking, it is accepted that selling your home privately may reduce the value by at least the same amount you save in commission, as buyers have a tendency to factor that saving into offers they make.

The good news is that it costs nothing to have a chat and ask as many questions as you like to see where the value could be for you...

At More Real Estate, we WILL offer you more in every way.
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