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How to keep good tenants for as long as possible

When you have dependable tenants, concerns about timely rent payments and property conditions are seldom on your mind. From consistently conducting inspections to maintaining open lines of communication, there are several approaches to becoming an exceptional landlord, ensuring your tenants are content and committed to long-term residence. Here are a few tips:


Proactive Approach to Repairs and Maintenance

Quality tenants desire a quality home. Taking a proactive stance on maintenance and repairs demonstrates your care and respect for your tenants. More Real Estate responds promptly to requests, even if it's just an initial acknowledgment with a promise of further updates. Likewise, we conduct regular inspections to guarantees your property remains in excellent condition. Address any concerns raised before or during inspections swiftly. When tenants know they'll receive a response and quick action, they're more likely to promptly report issues in the future, which keeps your property in the best condition possible.


Effective Communication

As previously mentioned, acknowledging tenant communication promptly is vital for maintaining a positive relationship. Your More Real Estate property manager has well-structured systems in place to manage their workflow, ensuring speedy responses.


Install and Maintain High-Quality Features

Certain fixtures and fittings are expected by discerning tenants. These may encompass hardwood flooring, air-conditioning, stainless steel appliances, a modern bathroom, top-notch kitchen backsplashes, and updated cabinetry and hardware. While these upgrades may come with a price tag, enhancing your property with high-quality fixtures and fittings can also boost your rental yield. Additionally, any potential loss of rental income due to undesirable features can often match the amount spent on updating fixtures and finishes.


Proactive Lease Renewals

Being ahead of the curve with lease renewals and offering incentives is a savvy strategy for retaining good tenants. Give your tenants ample time to decide on lease renewal or relocation. Just like quick responses to repair requests, this demonstrates your concern for their well-being. 

Maintaining excellent tenants can significantly impact the success of your property portfolio. By upholding proactive communication, ensuring timely repairs, and keeping your property contemporary, you enhance the odds of retaining great tenants for the long term. This stability reduces the risk of financial losses due to vacancies and guarantees your property receives the care and attention it deserves from tenants who treat it as their own.

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These articles are general in nature and are not financial or legal advice. Please consult your professional financial and legal advisors before making any decisions.