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HVAC Maintenance

5 ways to save money on maintaining your investment property - Part 2

HVAC maintenance

Many modern homes today have air conditioning to make heating and cooling easy and safe. While this makes living comfortable for tenants, these appliances need regular maintenance to keep them problem-free, in top condition, and working well. Ideally, you should have someone check your air-conditioning and heating units annually to make sure the filters are cleaned and any minor repairs are done before they become more serious and more expensive. Doing this now can extend the life of the unit by 5 to 10 years, not to mention minimising dirt and bacteria in the units too, keeping your tenants happy and safe while saving you money too!

Many air conditioning units have extended warranties available when you purchase them. This can save in the long run for a small additional cost at the time of purchase. Spend a little extra to begin with to save you in the long term.




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